The roots
of Credence

True to our name, we lend credence to the concept of a multi-family office. When a dearth of intellect, lack of holistic solutions, and a deficit of trust became synonymous with our industry, it was imperative that a solution was found, and found soon! Credence Family Office was started in 2010 with this thought.

Our bespoke services offer innovative solutions that minimize risk and maximize reward for you. With a decade-old legacy backed by experience, our promise is clear — we deliver quality service to achieve the biggest ROI (Return on Intention).

Our corporate ethos is founded on three pillars:

Intellect our exemplary team and board of advisors

Incredible Client Care A hallmark of our service

Integrity Behind every decision we make

Since 2010, we have successfully demonstrated our commitment to our rapidly growing family of perceptive clients, and positioned ourselves as industry leaders who score high in terms of trust, ingenious solutions, and holistic perspectives.

In short, we offer peace of mind.


What a fulfilling journey we have been on since 2010! Our growth has been rapid, fueled by the faith that our clients have reposed in us, repeatedly.


Started operations
in Bengaluru


Our first expansion
into Mumbai


Expanded to


Set up offices in
Gurugram and Kolkata

Our diverse range of clients include sportspersons, celebrities, first-generation entrepreneurs, C-suite professionals, and successful business families.

Over the years, our team has grown. We have continuously added new services to our portfolio, and associated with key knowledge partners to ensure that we consistently stay at the top of our game.

What sets us

These are some of the words that define us.

Here’s why you need to choose Credence Family Office:

  • The Convenience of a single-window solution holistic solution to all your asset management and taxation needs across geographies
  • Curated solutions, especially for real estate and insurance
  • Risk mitigation solutions
  • Total accountability at every step of the process
  • Open architecture model to help identify the best products and services for you
  • Our legacy of proven excellence and high levels of service
  • Innovative pricing that helps you optimize costs

Our knowledge

We understand that collaborating with the best minds is key to delivering the optimal curated solution to your needs. To achieve this, we partner with leading experts and domain specialists to bring in fresh perspectives and value to complement our existing services. Our knowledge partners represent the following sectors:

Legal advisory

Estate planning

Shared CFO services

Global tax advisory


Business advisory

Our philanthropic

At Credence Family Office, giving back to society is entrenched in our values. We work with various NGOs and charitable organizations in the areas of healthcare, environment, reduction of carbon footprint, and supporting the underprivileged.

The NGO works to support socio-environmental causes by reducing carbon footprint and increasing green cover

a. We sponsor the planting of a sapling to celebrate our clients’ birthdays or special milestones instead of bouquets and cakes

b. A personalized certificate including a photo of the sapling and the GPS coordinates are shared with the client

The NGO was established by Dr. Kulin Kothari, one of India’s finest ophthalmologists, to provide free eye care services to the underprivileged

a. We provided financial assistance to cover the cost of up to 60 eye surgeries this year

The organization, as part of its objectives, sponsors wheelchair tennis athletes and provides them with intensive training and upskilling workshops

a. We provide financial assistance to cover the cost of these intensive workshops

b. We also conduct exhaustive sessions on finance, investment, and taxation for the athletes

The NGO works to transform the behavior of underprivileged children in Mumbai through education and life skills

a. We provide fundraising assistance for specific projects

b. We volunteer and provide strategic advice