Concern areas:

  • To consolidate all their investments that were spread across multiple bankers and wealth management houses with poor risk management practices
  • To efficiently manage multiple investments in real estate across various cities
  • To provide strategic input on taxation
  • To figure out better rates of interest on personal and corporate borrowings
  • To create better structures and strategies for their team and help raise capital

Our solutions:

  • We set up a family office structure, consolidated investments, reduced the cost of investments by putting a direct model in place, and incorporated a comprehensive reporting format
  • We devised tax strategies to help them draw compensations in an efficient manner
  • We built the in-house finance function in the company by engaging with a shared CFO company that is part of our ecosystem. This led to better treasury management, capital structuring, MIS generation, analytics, and efficiency in the corporate functioning
  • We were the sole advisors and helped raise capital for their cosmetics business
  • Our real estate team managed their real estate spread across different cities. Some of the areas of work included liaising with local authorities to have the paperwork in order, property management, and identifying a vendor to rent out their Goa properties as a homestay
  • Our mentorship academy was set up to consult them on their production house and cosmetics business
  • We brought in strategic partnerships that led to higher distribution, reduction in cost of production, and better visibility of the brands