The client, a US citizen, had recently exited a business and faced India/USA tax implications.

Concern areas:

  • To hire a firm with an in-depth understanding of India/USA tax laws including strategies to minimize tax implications in the USA
  • To get advice on managing assets both in India and the USA
  • To help structure investments in India post his relocation to the USA, without having to worry about repatriation and compliances
  • To hire a family office to bring in investment ideas, without any conflict of interest
  • To get help with researching the ideas he presented

Our solutions:

  • We did extensive research to optimize his India/USA tax implications. We implemented ideas such as Opportunity Zone Fund investing in the USA
  • We helped set up a Delaware structure for the client to invest in India without having to worry about repatriation limits. This also led to a reduction in compliances
  • We researched global investments and came up with an investment policy framework
  • We arrived at a structure to manage his India assets — tax, legal, maintenance, and strategy were implemented
  • We created an estate planning structure for his India/USA assets