The client started his career as an analyst with a large VC firm and then turned into a successful serial entrepreneur and investor.

Concern areas:

  • To hire a family office that would help manage his financial assets and bring in investment ideas without any vested interest
  • To find a research team that could filter some of his ideas, put a framework for primary evaluation, and a matrix to track progress of the companies he funded
  • To engage with an organization that could manage his taxes smoothly, given the multiple complexities. He had substantial carry coming from his previous stints as well

Our Solutions:

  • We engaged with the client for nearly 3 months till we arrived at the optimum solution to have a tax-compliant structure while receiving monies. As a result, we were able to reduce his tax outflow by 40%
  • We put in place an efficient tax and administrative structure to manage all his tax compliances (monthly GST filings, quarterly advance tax, annual tax filing)
  • Our real estate team handled property management and real estate on his behalf to shortlist investments he wished to make in India and the UK
  • We finalized a filtering process to evaluate unlisted investments
  • We incorporated the investment policy statement for their corporate treasury
  • We worked with a domain partner and had a part-time CFO build a matrix to track and do an independent audit of his funded ventures